Bound to Evil
21 Bloody trap
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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21 Bloody trap


A beta Garache had smelled the blood of a Ganipote while transforming herself to chase a human, immediately she began to howl to warn the neighboring packs. In less than 2 minutes, they arrived one after the other at the scene of the massacre.

Seeing the corpses of their dismembered comrades piled on top of each other didn't make them feel angry. A pack less in their area meant that theirs could share the now vacant territory, for opportunists like them it was a boon.

The situation could have been ideal if we forget the person who was behind the annihilation of this pack. What they were seeing was exactly what had been described to them about what the person who had killed a pack yesterday could do.

Knowing that this person seemed to have something against them and that he was right in their area was enough to scare them, but that wasn't all. Seeing under what conditions Gillian's pack had been slaughtered, concern gained the most attentives of them.

The murderer seemed to know much about them. When one of them dies being transformed, he remains it at his death and vice versa when he dies non-transformed, the only one transformed here was Gillian and it was a partial transformation... Therefore, they understood that they were dealing with someone very cunning. He had managed to take advantage of one of their weaknesses, he had eliminated everyone before they could react and on top of that, he was gone without a trace.

Well... That's what they thought, the killer was much closer that none of them could have imagined. Lazar was right before their eyes, under the pile of corpses spying on them on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to strike.

'No one is howling anymore, they must all have arrived. That makes 28 to eliminate, if I make a mistake, I am dead...'

Lazar's plan was simple, fake his death like Gillian, wait for the moment when their guard will be down and take care of them at this very moment. Knowing that he will be dealing with many more opponents this time, he had increased his energy and perception statistics with the 5 points he had gained by leveling up.

After a while, a beta Garache stopped her transformation and gave Lazar the opportunity he was waiting for.

"Come on! We're going to prepare the bodies to burn them."

Their species took the respect of the dead very seriously, so much that they forgot to think of sending a messenger to warn the other packs of what had just happened. Don't believe they were doing this out of respect for Gillian's pack, it was just that if it happened to them too, they would want those who find them to be as delicate as they are with their corpses.

Unfortunately for them and fortunately for Lazar, in the culture of their species, it wasn't at all acceptable to damage a corpse more than it already was. In other words, they weren't allowed to handle a corpse with their claws, each of them had stopped their transformation. They could have kept their transformation partially, but they didn't feel in danger and they were thinking that their normal strength was more than enough to carry out this task, there were only 11 corpses for 28 of them after all.

The sight of these 27 morons walking towards him almost looked like an offering for Lazar, he was just waiting for the right timing to come out of his hiding place. The urge to draw his blade was already starting to itch because of the time he remained motionless under this pile of corpses but he knew he had to wait until they approached just a little more...

'Hold on! 27! Where's the last one?'

Lazar wasn't the only one to have realized the absence of this twenty-eighth person, the one who had called the others to gather to deal with the corpses quickly noticed the absence of her pack leader. Looking around, she saw him transformed and staring at Gillian's body.

"What are you doing Lucas?"

Lucas was known to his peers as an overly cautious pack leader, which was why his pack failed to develop, he never took an opportunity when it involved taking any risk. And yet he was very appreciated by his pack and even by the others because he never put in risk the members of his pack and he didn't represent a real competition for the other pack leaders.

When he saw that Gillian was only partially transformed, he felt that there was a problem somewhere. Until now he hadn't managed to put his finger on it, but when he began to sniff Gillian's corpse carefully he had an illumination.

In his plan, Lazar hadn't taken into account the fact that each of them may have a particular smell...

Besides, this could have posed no problem. Everyone had smelled the blood of a beta Ganipote from the pile of corpses, but they just thought it was a member of Gillian's pack who had transformed before he died. To distinguish Gillian's peculiar smell from the pile, they would have had to know his scent or do the same thing that Lucas was doing.


The smell of blood coming out of Gillian's mouth was also present into the pile of corpses, he was sure of it now, there was very little chance that it had any meaning, but as usual, Lucas preferred to be careful.


Lazar understood that his plan was going to be compromised as soon as he looked at Lucas, his gaze was turned in his direction and he saw that this Ganipote was particularly worried.

'It's now or never.'

Lazar emerged from the pile of corpses and chained the Energy Slashes one after the other so as not to miss anyone.

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    《Bound to Evil》