Bound to Evil
19 Gillian
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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19 Gillian

Lazar had gone to the extreme limit of North Boston.

It was by far the best place to start hunting.

This area was very isolated from the rest of the city as it was partly surrounded by a river.

The most direct route to get there was a 1 mile long road connecting it to the rest of North Boston.

It meant that reinforcements would take a long time to arrive or not at all, if he was lucky.

'I hope that the army will listened to me and not do the madness of rushing straight into the city center...'

Also, it was the least attractive part of the city for a pack, the population density here was the lowest.

He would therefore inevitably find himself facing the weakest.

'There is little chance that I will find packs with more than 2 betas and there is no way I can come across an Alpha here.'

As soon as he left his neighborhood, Lazar began to move from roof to roof and he bypassed the long road to reach his goal by avoiding being spotted.

Currently, he was lying on the roof of a library.

From where he was he saw a bank, a bar and a park with 11 naked people chatting quietly.

Suspecting that they weren't members of a libertine club taking advantage of the fact that no more people go out because of the Apocalypse to make an orgy outside, this could only be a pack.

'If only I could surprise them without them having time to transform... But how?'

Although she was a beta, Diane was killed even more easily than an omega by his Energy Slash yesterday.

Lazar understood at that time that they had the same abilities as a human when they weren't transformed and he intended to take advantage of opportunities like this.

They weren't going to stay here indefinitely, he had to find something while they were still vulnerable.

'Pretending to be one of their own will not work, they will not recognize my smell as that of one of their own. Though... They are deprived of their strength when they aren't transformed, are they also deprived of their sense of smell?'

It seemed totally logical when he thought back to what had happened yesterday.

'What if their howls back then not only served as a rallying cry but also as a means of warning others that they must transform themselves.'

He had just put his finger on something and didn't stop there in his reasoning.

'It's not just that... If they are that vulnerable when they are in human form, why do they just put themselves in that form? Of course, they cannot communicate when they are transformed, but I think there is something else.'

There was one thing that Lazar found odd when he met Diane's pack.

The omegas were only of rank E ★★☆☆☆, however he found them more dangerous individually than an Eeqidi which was of rank E ★★★☆☆.

'And I didn't see them fighting at night when they are supposed to be stronger.'

He had always found it illogical that their danger level was so low, but when he saw that the description of the bestiary said nothing special about it, he didn't ask himself more questions anymore.

'Maybe the bestiary doesn't tell us everything... It remains only a hypothesis but that would explain why they are so strong when they are transformed. Surely they cannot be permanently. Anyway, as far as their sense of smell is concerned, I'm ready to take the risk to find out.'


Gillian was a beta Ganipote who led his pack with an iron fist.

Basically it was one of the weakest with only 2 betas and 3 omegas composing it, consequently the Alphas council had assigned them one of the most wretched areas.

He could only blame himself, his pack was too weak.

But seeing how reluctant some packs were to bring humans into theirs at the first assembly, he saw an opportunity.

If he wanted a better territory, he only had to take it from them.

If he managed to make his pack stronger than another and their territory was more advantageous, their laws allowed him to take it from them, without even having to use force.

The logic of the Alphas was that they wanted the best territories to be protected by the best packs.

He only need to have both more betas and omegas than them.

For this reason, he was one of the most aggressive pack leaders in relation to the recruitment of humans.

Since the beginning of the Apocalypse, the number of members of his pack had doubled and he even had the chance to transform a man into a beta Ganipote.

'Why deprive yourself of having more members in your pack when you know they will be loyal to you. Especially since they just have to give you their approvals, if they don't want to, just threaten them of killing them and presto! A bite and voila.'

Gillian's ambitions was only growing when he saw that his pack was getting stronger.

Right now they were debating whether to ask for a new territory now or wait for them to get stronger.

'If I ever turn a human into an Alpha, no one will be able to stop us.'

He came back to reality when he saw a stranger approaching them.


He didn't distrust him... He was alone, naked like them and the idea that he was a human hadn't even crossed his mind.

The only suspicious thing he noticed was that he didn't seem comfortable with being naked, but neither did the new members of his pack.

He thought it must be a human who had just been transformed. For the moment they were given the most thankless tasks, so it wasn't uncommon for them to be the messenger.

"I'm here to deliver a message to you."

The fact that he turned to speak to him finished putting his suspicion to sleep.

He attributed this to the fact that he must have seen him during an assembly, he never would have thought it was because Lazar had deduced it by observing them.

Lazar could get as close as he wanted.

14 ...

13 ...

12 ...

11 yards.

'Too late for you.'

They were all within easy reach of his Energy Slash.

'You could at least avoid being so close to each other while you are naked...'

"Speak. What is the reason for your coming here?"

Lazar pretended to scratch his head, as if he had forgotten.

In reality, he wanted his hand to be as close as possible to the handle of his weapon he had taped to his back.


He drew his blade, the blue aura around showed that he was already ready to use the Energy Slash.

On Gillian's side, no one had time to even grow a hair of their fur.

A panicked look was visible on the face of Gillian and his whole pack, he made the connection with what they had been told last night.

'Fuck!!! It's him!!!'

"Energy Slash."

[You have eliminated a beta Ganipote (E ★★★☆☆) .]

[150 experience points obtained.]

[You have eliminated an omega Barache (E ★★☆☆☆) .]

[75 experience points obtained.]


[Your level has increased, level 4➞5.]

[You have eliminated a beta Garache (E ★★★☆☆) .]

[150 experience points obtained.]

[You have eliminated an omega Ganipote (E ★★☆☆☆) .]

[75 experience points obtained.]

His plan had been successful and yet he didn't seem particularly happy about it.

"I only got 10 notifications, someone is playing dead."

The monsters should absolutely not have information about him, which meant that he wouldn't make any survivor.

But getting too close was dangerous too, his constitution was very weak compared to theirs and he didn't want to know what would happen to him if he got caught by a beta...

He was planning to fight right after, so he didn't want to waste another Energy Slash too.

He was going to try to get the survivor out from this pile of corpses in one way or another without approaching.

"I know you're not dead, no need to pretend."


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