Bound to Evil
18 Pride
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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18 Pride

"That will suffice."

Although it was very inappropriate for a recruit to speak to a superior like this, Lazar knew that Slawn wouldn't get angry.

He had failed to recognize Lazar for his true worth and had shown himself unworthy of his responsibility as an officer by failing to control his men.

'Fuck! What were the odds of finding a Seal here.'

After that, he couldn't decently criticize Lazar's excessive familiarity.

His men were still waiting around him and seemed to have forgotten that their mission was to evacuate the civilians.

'What are they doight for fuck sake!'

"Soldiers! Go back and execute your mission on the spot!"

Seeing their sorry looks, Lazar understood that they were waiting for Slawn to finish talking to him to apologize, even the one he had just thrown at the others.

"Please forgive us, me and my men. They aren't to blame, I am solely responsible for this misunderstanding."

'Even if I am part of an elite unit, I remain a rookie. A colonel must never address a recruit so respectfully... He wants me something.'

It was important to remember that Slawn had come to see him for a reason.

"Let's talk about what is important, Colonel. What is the reason for your coming to my place? Not only that, but also what is the reason for your coming to Boston?"

'We have all our time, Walker, so don't be in such a hurry.'

"Maybe we could talk about it inside?"

He hadn't waited for Lazar to answer him before trying to enter.

He was nevertheless stopped dead in time by Lazar's left arm which he had just replaced to block his way.

This house was Lana's sanctuary, he wasn't going to let anyone enter it, especially if that person has the same reasons as Slawn.

'I don't think he wants to come to my house to have a conversation safe from eavesdroppers, he just wants to try to learn more about me.'

"It's not going to be possible Colonel, I'm about to leave. Let's talk about it here rather, no need to take as many precautions."

He replied to him, while displaying a smile just as false as his own.

'I should have known that a Seal like him had to compensate for his lack of muscle with his gray matter. Little shit!'

No matter how big he was smiling, Lazar could tell he was far from delighted that someone dared to challenge him.

"As you wish."

'At least try to hide the annoyance in your voice, colonel. But... I don't want to make an enemy of him either, I'm going to give this dog a bone to chew on.'

"I suppose you would like to know if I have information about the monsters that threaten Boston?"

His reaction was immediate.

'I may have misjudged him after all!'

The colonel's eyes lit up.

Lazar had hit the right spot, the army had no idea who their enemy was.

"Did you see them?!"

He couldn't even contain himself, at this moment he looked more like a child asking his parents what gift he would have for his Birthday than anyone else.

"I didn't just see them, I killed a few."

They had the same enemy, so necessarily he intended to help him as best as he could and their colaboration will start by giving him the informations he need.

"I didn't expect to hit the jackpot when I was told about him. It's even better than anything I could have imagined when I walked to his door.

Now that he knew who Lazar was, it didn't even surprise him that he had managed to kill monsters.

'An awakened... I wonder what level has he reached?'

"We have been ordered to evacuate the civilians and exterminate all the monsters here, so please tell me everything you know about them!"

Lazar grabbed his chin and thought for a few seconds.

"If I were to describe them, I would tell you that they are intelligent metamorphic creatures. They can go from a human form to a less hairy version of a werewolf. Also know that they speak our language."

'I would have preferred to come across brainless creatures... This is going to be tricky.'

"Ok, but what about their fighting ability?"

Lazar told him everything he knew.

The existence of three different classifications in these monsters, namely, omega, beta and Alpha as well as the fact that they are organized in packs with territories for each of them.

The fact that omegas are extremely fast and betas are a version of them just as fast but with a more powerful body.

The danger posed by their overdeveloped sense of smell and the fact that they can transform humans into one of their own.

'If we had found ourselves having to face these monsters without having his informations, I would rather not know what would have happened... Not even a tenth of my men are awakened...'

"Oh and two more things."


"If you see civilians outside who have no weapons, be very careful, it could very well be one of their traps."

'He doesn't seem to be the type to trust anyone...'

"Something else?"

"Ah yes, I advise you to take off your combat clothes, otherwise you will be massacred."

"Are you serious?!"

"If the gods have deigned to leave us our cars, our trucks, our helmets and our bulletproof vests, it's because they know that it will very quickly be useless, if it's not already the case. They are already much faster than you, if you also want to have tens of pounds on you to slow you down, it's your choice. "

"Ok, ok, I understand your reasoning."

"If that's all, I'm going."

Lazar had prepared a backpack and placed it near the front door earlier, he was about to grab it to leave but was interrupted by the Colonel.

'Not so fast.'

"But what are you saying soldier, the army is there, you no longer need to fight alone."

'Mmmh... no. It's much too early for that, I don't know yet what they are capable of. They would have to survive a few fights before I even think about it.'

"It would be better to separate our efforts to defeat them, therefore, I will go my way and you will follow yours."

He grabbed his bag and pulled out his keys to close the door behind him.

'If you think you have the choice.'

"It's an order!"

'He wants to play it like this...'

"I'm on a leave for another 5 days and I'm not under your direct orders, so you have no legal authority to force my hand."

'Are you fucking... kidding me?!'

Lazar closed the door, then went down the steps of the entrance while walking quietly past a Slawn completely red with anger.

'You won't get away with this ...'

"If you don't fight as an American soldier, you can forget about the benefits that it includes. So please give me your house keys like all your neighbors did, I need to house my men."

The problem with trying to intimidate Lazar is that he often responds with something much more intimidating.

He stopped dead and put his hand on the handle of his weapon, then he made his blade appear just enough for Slawn to see the bluish aura that emanated from it.

"Trust me, you don't want to piss me off."

'What the fuck is that!!!'

Fear replaced anger on his face, he didn't yet know what energy was.

Thinking it had the desired effect, he sheath his blade and left, ignoring the soldiers and neighbors on his way.


If Lazar were to give you the biggest flaw that American soldiers have, it would be pride.

If they feel that their honor has been violated, they will do anything to rectify that, even if their subconscious screams them that what they are going to do will blow them in the ass later.

No sooner had he left that the colonel went to see one of his soldiers.

'Who does he think he is to defy the fucking army.'

"Go get what you need and smash me his damn door."


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