Bound to Evil
17 Misunderstanding
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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17 Misunderstanding



Lazar opened his front door before the officer in front of it had the time to pound on it for the third time.

Now having an overview of what was going on outside, the situation was explaining itself.

Dozens of men in combat uniforms with their weapons on their backs or at their waist were busy putting his neighbors in their trucks.

Some of his neighbors were already loading their belongings while others were gathering theirs outside to do the same.

They were all prepared when the army arrived.

Even a moron would make the connection, they knew she was going to evacuate them and on top of that, they knew when.

'I had no intention of leaving, but, it's nice to see that they are even more pitiful than I thought for not having bothered to warn me.'

Very quickly his attention returned to the officer in front of him.

Lazar hadn't only recognized this man as being an officer thanks to the badge on his combat uniform but also to his posture and his air very characteristic.

'He's a colonel.'

He was a middle-aged man about 6 feet tall with a pointed red mustache and brown eyes.

He wore the standard combat uniform, in other words, dozens of pounds of equipment now completely useless for fighting monsters.

The facade expression he showed Lazar was quite reassuring at first, even when he saw that his arm clearly blocked the entrance to his house.

"Hello young man, your neighbors told me that they saw you outside yesterday, I would like to talk about..."

'It gets better and better, they report my actions to be appreciated by the army now.'

However, after a few seconds, when the officer noticed the tattoo on Lazar's arm and the clothes he was wearing, he was much less friendly.

"Can you tell me what crap idea crossed your head to make you think it was okay to pretend to be the pride of our army?! And don't play dumb, you know what I'm talking about!"

He knew that sooner or later this kind of misunderstanding would happen to him.

'Shit, I didn't think it would happen that quickly.'

The colonel was so upset that in just a second his complexion had gone from white to red.

He had barked so hard in Lazar's face that it had caught the attention of all the soldiers around.

Some had left the civilians to come and see what was going on and now 5 of them were surrounding the entrance to his house.

"What's going on Colonel Slawn?!"

"Look at his left arm!"

The defusal of the situation was going to be complicated.

"What do we have here, another fake Navy Seal!?"

Lazar had done this tattoo barely a week ago and it was already giving him shit...

At that time the commanders of each Seal team had come to choose their recruits by observing their performance at the training camp.

Seeing what Lazar was worth, each of them wanted him to join their team.

He was by far the best potential recruit they had seen in years and they didn't intend to pass by such an opportunity.

Of course, Lazar didn't really intend to integrate one, but he had to do as if. In the end, he just chose the one with the best reputation.

The commander of this team insisted on accompanying Lazar to get his tattoo.

Usually, they allow their recruits to do so only after the 6 months of their trial period in their team, but he wanted to make an exception with Lazar to make him feel special and integrated.


There are many people who copy this kind of tattoo to pretend to be a Navy Seal.

Whether to show off, flirt or ask for free drinks in bars because they 'served their country'.

It is a well-known sham in the army.

In general, when a real soldier comes across a person with this kind of tattoo and sees that he seems to be trying to take advantage of it, he will not let him go until he has proof that he's a Navy Seal and will make him regret it if he can't prove it.

Seeing Lazar, they didn't even wonder if he could prove that he is one, he was far too young and far too frail to be one for them.

The image of a Navy Seal they had is that of a war machine full of muscles.

None of them thought for a second that he could be one.

'Some even seem to be ready to draw their weapons. Isn't it going a little too far?'

Lazar's right hand was busy holding his weapon so he intended to use his left hand to show them his ID tags.

However, one of the soldiers surely took that for an attempt to hide his tattoo as he approached to grab his arm.

'You're right, I can also show them who they're dealing with like this.'

With his left hand, he grabbed the soldier's arm and made him an arm key before tackling him to the ground.

"Argh! Let me go asshole!"

The other soldiers didn't make the connection between his ability to neutralize one of their own in record time and the fact that they may have been mistaken in their judgment.

They were trained to act as soon as they felt threatened and to protect their brothers in arms, so inevitably, as soon as they saw that their comrade was in trouble, they all started to rush on Lazar in the second.

Only the colonel was lucid enough to realize his mistake, but he didn't have time to order his men to calm down.

Anyway, it wasn't like Lazar needed help.

He dropped his weapon, took the man by the collar... and threw him at the soldiers who were rushing at him.

They had prepared to catch him when they saw what Lazar was doing, but they weren't strong enough to stop him, Lazar's launch was far too strong.

They could only cushion his fall and all ended up on the ground.

'At least there I have time to place one sentence.'

He took his weapon back in his right hand in case another one wanted to piss him off and did what he had been prevented from doing earlier by taking out his military plates which were hidden by his tee-shirt.

"My name is James Walker, Seal Team 6 rookie. My ID tags are enough for you to believe me or you want me to kick the ass of the rest of your soldiers Colonel?"

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    《Bound to Evil》