Bound to Evil
13 Unity
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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13 Unity

This time, Lazar immediately noticed the thick black mist that surrounded him when he had gained two levels, he was fixing his two hands which were covered with it.

'Is it normal?'

The euphoria had passed and no more satisfaction was visible on his face.

The violence that emanated from the bloody scene around him wasn't enough to calm his grief, it would take many more victims for this.

He intended to keep the promise he had made to Diane before killing her.

He was going to take care of each of them, until the last.

'It's war and when you fight a war alone, you can't be satisfied with just one victory.'

Another important thing important is to know your enemy.

Lazar looked at his bestiary, his knowledge of Ganipotes and Garaches was extremely limited and he didn't want to be fooled like before.

He learned in the description of the two monsters a lot of useful things about the structure of their society, their objectives as well as their capacities.

'A metamorphic species functioning by a rigorously hierarchical pack system. There are 3 different ranks in this species defined from the birth or the transformation of a human in one of them; omega, beta, and Alpha, in this increasing order of power. A pack can only be formed if it contains at least one beta Ganipote and one beta Garache. They are much more powerful at night, especially during full moon nights. They have a sense of smell so developed that even an omega can spot one of its own... at several hundred yards... '

Lazar started to run, avoiding all the puddles of blood on his way as soon as he finished reading this line.

If they could smell one of their own at hundreds of yards away, could they also smell their blood?

He was running in the middle of the road looking right and left as if he was searching for something.


Indeed, the death of Diane's pack had by no means gone unnoticed. He couldn't see them yet and the howling seemed far away, but Lazar expected that at any second that dozens of these monsters would appear behind him knowing how fast they were.

He had no way of hiding here knowing how well developed their senses are.

He was looking for another possibility, but for that, he had to count on luck.

'Not here... Not here... Not here... There!'

He turned in an alley like the one he had been earlier.

It was also a dead end. But what interested Lazar here was that it was much narrower than the previous one.

'6 feet wide, it wasn't even possible before but with my current capacities I can take the risk.'


The reason he had so many problems with the police was that Lazar practiced Parkour. Although there is no real legal ban on practicing this sport, the problem with Lazar was that compared to others he took far too many risks.

Whenever he was arrested it was because someone who saw him believed he wanted to kill himself.

The weirdest thing about all of this for Lazar was that every time Lana went to the police station to bring him back, she was never angry.

They were even going to eat pizza just after she threw her badge in the face of all the police officers she met to forcibly removed him from the cell in which they had put him.

He said to himself at that time that it had to come from the fact that she hated all the cops in the world because one of her worst breakups was with a guy who was one of them, that coming to fetch him from the police station must help her to take revenge indirectly.

When in truth it was because she knew that she could do nothing when he had an idea in her head and that she was infinitely grateful that each time the police called her it wasn't to tell her that he was dead because he fell headlong from a three-story building.


To put the odds on his side he distributed all his points in agility, he will not regret it anyway because being faster than these monsters would be a great advantage later.

[Lazar Sogorov]

♦ Age ⠆18

♦ Level ⠆4 (125/800)

♦ Energy points ⠆(75/75)

• Energy regeneration rate ⠆(1,9 points/min)

♦ Evolution status ⠆Evolved human being

♦ Skills ⠆None

♦ Statistics ⠆[Stat points available ⠆0]

• Constitution ⠆13(-1) ➞ 12

• Agility ⠆13(+1) ➞ +10 ➞ 24

• Perception ⠆ 14

• Energy ⠆13(+1) ➞ 14

He couldn't gain momentum which didn't make his job easier but anyway it wasn't going to be necessary.

Then he was propelling himself successively between the right wall and the left wall by pivoting on himself using his pelvis to repeat the operation.

'It has become child's play.'

He reached the edge of the roof in no time and hid directly as soon as he straightened up.

There were already at least thirty of these monsters around the dead-end and there were still many others at the other end of the street.

It was clearly not the time to get noticed.

Nevertheless, a group of four of them who had stopped their transformation and who were chatting apart from the rest of the group attracted Lazar's attention to the point of hesitating to come closer to find out what they were saying.

They seemed to be talking about something important, and the fact that omegas dared not approach the circle they had formed made Lazar think that they must be pack leaders.

All the conditions were favorable to him.

The neighborhood was arranged so that the roofs of the buildings were roughly at the same height from each other and that they weren't more than 12 feet apart, a perfect distance for parkour.

That was the reason why he had chosen this area to train in the past.

The monsters kept screaming to attract others, so he didn't have to worry about whether his receptions on the roofs would make noise

Added to that, there were a lot of blind spots on the roofs that would keep them from noticing him.

If only they weren't as sensitive to odors.

He preferred to be extra careful and walked away, jumping from roof to roof.


The four people talking were indeed pack leaders.

According to the division of territories that was made between packs from the first day of the attack, this space belonged to Diane and they were her direct neighbors.

The current context between the packs was quite tense, each leader being afraid that one of the others would gain too much power. All the shots were good to prevent this from happening.

But there, the situation was different, it was a whole pack which had just been decimated by an unknown enemy.

They were all afraid of being next and when the species is threatened...

"Let's warn all the Alphas, we have to deal with this before the threat becomes too big."

It unites.


Lazar hadn't returned to his car.

It would be a foolish idea to use it considering those he was dealing with and he no longer really needed what was inside.

He didn't go directly to his house because even if he knew she was dead, he wanted to find his car to recover something from her.

She was easily recognizable, a green cabriolet which was certainly aesthetically pretty, but which had the big disadvantage of having a breakdown very often.

He saw it after barely half an hour of searching in the middle of entanglement of cars.

He found himself again faced with a bloody scene.

He came down from the roof, sliding down on a gutter.

Many of the surrounding monsters must have gone to see what he had done because he had seen none from above.

From a distance, he could see that there was no one in the passenger seat, although he didn't expect her to be there.

He went around the other cars to approach.

The door had been forced open and there was blood splashing all over the windscreen...

The only thing that comforted him was that he had found her medallion in her seat.

Examining it he saw that it hadn't been torn off.

A smile appeared on his face.

'You knew I was going to come anyway...'

From the way it was disposed, it was obvious that she had left it in the hope that Lazar would find it.


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