Bound to Evil
7 Troubles
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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7 Troubles

Lazar is the kind of person who wants to understand everything that intrigues him. It came from Lana who was really passionate about her work as an investigator at the FBI.

Before meeting her, he was only interested in hunting and cooking the prey he had hunted.

It was her who had offered him his first book and although a book on wine wasn't suitable for an 11-year-old kid it was much less shocking than the rest of her library which was rather obscene, to say the least...

Anyway, she taught him to cultivate his curiosity on a whole bunch of subjects.

So his first reflex wasn't to throw the corpse that was in the driver's seat of the car.

He was observing the arrangement of the body in relation to the window and the least we can say is that this guy was dead in a pretty dumb way.

Lazar would even add that he deserved it.

'I thought the car window was open from the start and that he was just taken by surprise by the Eeqidi. But it's easy to understand what happened given that the cadaverous rigidity of his body was preserved at the very moment when the Eeqidi managed to kill him.'

He wasn't attached and his right hand was still gripped on his seat belt so Lazar came to the conclusion that he untied it himself and the index finger of his left hand was stuck in the button to lower the car window.

'Let's say he mistook it for a dog... Since when is it a good idea to open your car window to a dog that looks like it has taken growth hormones and which is taller than you?!'

He opened the door and look for useful things in each pocket of the corpse.

After seeing that nothing was interesting he threw it with one hand 6 yards from him, indeed, its strength is no longer what it used to be.

He was quite upset to see that a puddle of blood and partially chewed pieces of brain were on the seat.

'I will find something to clean this. It looks very isolated and I don't think that in 45 minutes of Apocalypse someone thought of looting it. I better search the car... The keys are on the ignition, it's encouraging.'

At the front he only found the vehicle's papers and the guy's personal objects.

He threw everything away.

He hates disorder and he would be very surprised to see a policeman control him on the road.

There was nothing in the backseat so he went to look in the trunk.


There were 4 jerrycans of 15 liters each there.

The guy wanted to make fuel reserves, Lazar had also thought of it but he didn't know which container he could use, this discovery was going to simplify his task.

He didn't go to fill them right away, he took clean clothes from his bag and put it in the trunk with the sheath of his blade next to the jerrycans before closing it.

He then entered the service station store with his clean clothes in one hand and his blade in the other.

He had to make a maximum of reserves not knowing what tomorrow would be made of.

There was nothing unusual in the main room where all the items were on display, he spotted a few things he was going to take later.

But first, he went to wash in the toilet.

Physically his body was at its best, well, much more since he had just 'improved' it.

Psychologically it was another story, he may have nerves of steel, but Lazar has his weaknesses.

He cleared his sad look so that it became impassive again but the pain was still there.


Again a tear flowed on his face.

Its trail was visible through the dried blood which had remained on him even after having wiped a good part of it with his t-shirt.

But as always he buried his pain deeply.

'Pull yourself together!'

He undressed until he only had his underpants left and soaked the parts of his t-shirt with water where there was no blood to wash his face.

Satisfied, he threw his t-shirt in the pile where he had put his other clothes and put on the new ones that were much more suitable to fight.

A black t-shirt in synthetic material that didn't clutter the movements of the top of his body and a military fatigues.

'The advantage of this thing is that there are pockets everywhere and 2 straps that will allow me to put away my blade. I will no longer need to have it all the time in my hand.'

He got out of the bathroom and immediately put in the middle of the main room a wooden crate which originally contained candy and which was big enough for him to put everything he needed.

He stored food there that met the following criteria; give a lot of energy, no need to cook it, don't take up much space and don't expire quickly.

He then took a lot of water, basic necessities products, handkerchiefs to wipe the mess of the driver's seat and a map so he could find his way on the road.

He returned to the car holding the wooden crate with one hand above his head and put it in the back of the car, it wedged perfectly between the seats.

'Great, it won't fall.'

He took the map out of the crate and put it on the dashboard to decide which route to take to get to Boston.

'If I had to take the shortest route it would be a 5-hour drive but I would have to pass right in the middle of New York and many other small towns.

That's not an option, I don't know the situation there.

If I want to avoid populated places ​​it's a 7-hour drive. It's worth the detour.

Well... as soon as I filled the jerrycans I will leave.'

He went to the trunk and before taking the jerrycans he took the opportunity to hang the sheath of his blade on the straps of his military fatigues and sheath his blade.

He then took two jerrycans at each arm and went to fill them up at a fuel pump.


While he was filling the third jerrycan he heard a very slight sound in the distance, after a few seconds.

He understood what it was and frowned.

'If at least it was one or two monsters it would have been an opportunity to get experience points.'

That was a car.

A 4*4 then stopped right next to Lazar's new car and he immediately understood that there was a chance that this meeting wouldn't end in a positive way.

'They parked so that they wouldn't allow me to move my car.'

3 people got out of the car.

Lazar had put the pump away and was looking at how big the threat was.

'2 men and a woman. One of the two men has a correct sword except that the handle is too short, the other has a rapier with a shitty guard and the woman has an ax which looks very difficult to handle...

It wasn't the most important thing.

...There is blood on each of their weapons... Impossible to know if it's the blood of a human, a monster, or both. Maybe they have awakened too...'


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