Bound to Evil
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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High-quality wifi, massage chairs, mint pellets in the armrest, it was a first-class trip. Since he had refused to fly back to Boston and wanted to make the return trip by bus, Lana wanted him to be as comfortable as possible even if it means overspending.

He sat down at the bottom in the only available individual seat. He didn't want to be disturbed by a too talkative neighbor while he was watching what he had missed having been deprived of his phone and internet for 1 month and a half.

Lazar's training requiring no distractions, the only thing that linked him to what was happening outside the base was the letters that Lana sent him every week, but the contents of these letters taught him nothing.

All she did was talk about her boyfriend of the moment and ask his opinion on him without even following it. She ended up realizing all the time that he was right afterward, but that didn't prevent her from repeating her mistakes.

'Anyway, how can you not doubt the ability of a woman supposed to be mature to manage her sentimental life when she asks this kind of advice to a teenager with no experience in this area? To be completely honest, I would see her more like an old woman surrounded by thirty cats rather than married and blossoming in the future. If she was as lucid in her personal life as in her investigations, she wouldn't be so lost…'

The bus was on the road for two hours now. Lazar had time to review all that was important and nothing out of the ordinary had happened since his departure.

'A few killings here and there in the world, in the end, nothing unusual.'

The only thing that annoyed him right now was that the girl who had wallowed earlier had placed herself in the row just to the right of his and was looking at him insistently in a particularly obscene manner.

Since arriving in the United States he always had this kind of unpleasant experience with girls. It started with Lana's sick desire to play matchmaker between the daughters of her friends and him. More recently that was the girls of his high school, who were, for the most part, all attracted by his mysterious and cold side. They took the fact that he doesn't talk to anyone and that he stays in his corner all the time for shyness or other dumb reasons fueling their fertile imagination.

The problem in this kind of situation was mostly that Lazar attracted the wrong girls. It happened that they have a lot of suitors and in high school when something doesn't please a boy he could quickly come to think that the best thing to do is fight.

'When someone falls in love with you, you can't prevent it.'

What Lazar could prevent on the other hand is that anyone may think that he is bullyable. For that, he thought of making an example, an example violent enough for that he only has to do it once.

From the height of his 5 feet and 3 inches (1.60 meters) and with his reputation of nerd Lazar passed for an easy target at his entry to high school.

Besides, the very first week he noticed that another freshman was already very interested in him and she was also very successful with boys, she was constantly surrounded by them. In Lazar's eyes, it was a situation to be avoided because she also drew a lot of attention to him.

Her name was Katelyn Sullivan. Blonde, the same size as Lazar, an angelic face, sparkling blue eyes and a chest large enough for absolutely every boy in this high school to have wet dreams of her.

On top of that, she had a certain pedigree. She was the daughter of a politician who coveted the town hall of Boston according to the memories of Lazar. The typical profile of the young and naive schoolgirl who doesn't care at all about the consequences of her actions and who never accept responsibility for them. Clearly one of the types of people that Lazar hates.

'She liked to draw attention, thinking about it, maybe was it precisely for this reason that she was interested in me since I was the only one who paid her no heed.'

He wasn't wrong, more than that, he had become her obsession!

At first, Katelyn was only asking questions about Lazar to her 'friends'.

"Why is he all alone?"

"Do you know him?"

"I heard he is super smart, is he a member of a club too?"

The only reason no one had tried to beat him up so far was that it was bound to come back to Katelyn's ears and she was going to take it badly. But the situation changed when she began to speak to him directly.

When he wasn't in class, Lazar was reading a book or was on his phone whether leaning against his locker between classes or in the refectory for lunch. One day she came to sit right next to him during the lunch break.

You should know that he is often one of the first people to arrive in the refectory and the first gone since the tables fill up quickly and that he doesn't want to speak to anyone. If a person sits at an interval of a chair from him he will go elsewhere.

Katelyn had finally managed to muster her courage, the words she was going to say were going to seal her future with Lazar.

"Hello, I…"

He was already gone before she even opened her mouth. Whatever approach she tried afterward the result was the same. Of course, she didn't take it as rejection but as self-preservation and an inferiority complex from Lazar. She had inquired about him and knew that he didn't come from an influential family, unlike 80% of the high school students here.

After so many rejections, it didn't take much more for Katelyn's suitors to find a pretext to attack him. The fastest was Ben Wilson, the only freshman to get a starting spot on the high school football team this year.

When Lazar saw this 6 foot and 1 inch (1.85 meters) mountain of muscles close his locker while he was taking his classes stuff...

He couldn't help having a smirk, the situation seemed so cliché for him. He lets him start his speech. It was necessary that a maximum of people attend what was going to happen for his plan to work, destroy him right away wouldn't have the impact he wanted.

"Walker, right? I couldn't help but notice how badly you behaved with Katelyn while she was just trying to be nice to you. Can you explain?"

'Oh, he is rather polite for someone who came to piss me off. I will try to not break him something if he continues like this.'

"I don't want anything to do with her, this is the best way I have found to show her."

"I see. To be honest, I prefer it to be like that."

'He clearly pretends to understand my point of view to make me lower my guard.'

Ben had reopened Lazar's locker and grabbed one of the books there.

"But the damage is done and you have to pay!"

Ben was hanging it up in the air, presumably so that Lazar ridiculed himself trying to get it back jumping. But Lazar's reaction wasn't as he expected.

"For your information, I have already read this book."

Lazar put his backpack on the floor and raised his fists up to his face to show that he wanted to fight

"Moreover, at this height, I can largely take it back. Sorry for you, I didn't intend to break you anything at first."

According to the plan, a crowd had gathered around them and waited for only one thing. That Ben crushes Lazar. Some boys who intended to do the same if Ben hadn't been faster than them already regretted not being in his place. None of them took Lazar seriously, neither did Ben.

"Little Walker is a terror now? What are you going to do? Tell me."

'The easiest targets are the most confident.'

Lazar is a person you really shouldn't underestimate, he has a lot more strength than you might think.

"Stop kidding me, you didn't come here to chat from the start. It's time to take action."

The crowd could only admire Lazar's courage, but it ended there, no one thought he had a chance of winning. Apart from two people who attended the same close combat course as him in downtown Boston. They looked at each other whispering.

"Lazar! Lazar!"

They didn't clearly show their support for Lazar since Ben was very popular. But they couldn't help but encourage him. Not because they liked him, they just wanted to see someone other than them being smashed by Lazar for once.

Ben saw nothing coming, Lazar successively kicked him on each knee and he found himself on the ground without even understanding what had happened. Now it was Lazar who was looking down at him. He recovered from the shock and tried to hit Lazar in the face with a direct right fist which he intercepted with his left hand.

A duel of strength followed which Lazar won by clenching Ben's fist until the pain was unbearable.

'FUCK! FUCK! Why did I have to come across a monster, shit!'

He had already lost but he told himself that he could still avoid a humiliation by an apology.

"Stop! I was wrong, I'm sorry!"

"You should spend more time training, you don't know how to hit. No real strength in your arms, I hope you're not a quarterback."

He was...

"Son of…"

Lazar didn't let him finish his sentence, a bad habit. He gave him an uppercut which sent him to sleep. Then he retrieved his backpack and his book. He put the book back in his locker and left before a teacher noticed what had just happened under the eyes of the other high school students who were all still in shock from what had just happened. All but two. They let their joy burst when the crowd dispersed.

"Damn! That was so enjoyable!"

"You know, we are only at the beginning of the year, he will probably do that again!"


This did nothing to stop Katelyn's interest in him. Her temperament leads her to believe that they had fought for her. But at least no one dared tried to get in trouble with Lazar after that. Everyone now avoided him, apart from the girls who found his bad boy side more attractive than dangerous. No one reported what had happened.

Overall his plan was successful.


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