Bound to Evil
1 Destination Boston
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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1 Destination Boston

Lazar was born in an environment where naivety and ignorance weren't allowed, even for a child. The beginning of his life couldn't be described as anything other than chaotic and toxic.

His grandfather saves him from all this. He was cold and strict in general, rewarding each misstep with a slap in the face, at first glance he was a man full of defaults. But on the other hand, he was always honest and respectful towards his grandson. It was to the extent that Lazar didn't consider having met someone better than him until now.

His Grandfather was tough but fair and when a decision concerned them both, Lazar also had a say on it. Unlike the others, he saw that this kid was exceptional.

What mattered the most to Lazar was that he felt that his grandfather loved him even if he only rarely showed him. He wasn't the only one to show him affection later, but his grandfather knew exactly how full of anger and resentment he was behind his expressionless face. He understood him and accepted him for what he was, that's why he was the only person he had ever loved...

Even years later, those memories with his grandfather made this day a little more special than it already was. He was the kind of old hermit with questionable morals who never ran out of advice and the one which came to Lazar's mind right now was 'don't hesitate to use whatever you can to fulfill your goals'.

He wasn't a fan of this philosophy, being the type to want to do everything by himself. But considering not having the choice anymore he had decided a few months ago to apply this advice.

'18 years old, from modest origins and major of his promotion with results never seen in the history of the private high school in which he studied. He listens only to his courage and succeed on the entrance exam to the formation of the future Navy Seals to serve our beautiful country and its citizens, pff...'

He would have made a perfect candidate to promote the US army in a TV advertisement, an example for all American teens. At least if we exclude the fact that he wasn't born on American soil, that he isn't at all patriotic and his many troubles with the police. His criminal record remained blank only thanks to some arrangements.

Indeed, this day was special, one of the few where a slight smile was on his face. Lazar had just left his barracks after dressing in civilian clothes and headed for the base gate with a huge shoulder bag.

He was wearing basic blue jeans, comfortable black and white sneakers and a white tank top highlighting well-proportioned muscles trained for years under his black sweatshirt. A rather simple style compared to young people his age, but everything could only suit him.

He had a face that even the most handsome models could envy him with his bright green eyes coupled with a piercing look and features that would make you think of a portrait carved in marble by Michelangelo. That would almost overshadow the fact that he is shorter than average and that his hair is extremely short due to army restrictions.

As he passed through the gate of Fort Benning, the military base on which he performed the last part of his training, a huge feeling of joy ran through him.

'The next step is Boston and after that, the festivities can begin.'

Lazar wasn't committed to the common interest, far from it, his only reason for having followed the training of the special forces of the Navy Seals was to become stronger in his interest. For that he will accept many things, including the status of a deserter, he didn't intend to stay in the United States after all...

As he organized his thoughts while walking a few meters in front of the gate, he was suddenly interrupted by the horn of a car behind him. He then saw a large model of Jeep rushing at full speed towards him a little over a 100 meters.

He knew exactly who was behind the steering wheel, well let's say that he recognized the model and that the driver's identity was obvious. Lazar contented himself with sighing and shifting on the sidewalk to the right of the road which extended the entrance to the base and continues to the bus stop.

'Bunch of morons...'

To his great regret, the car turned in his direction and began to slow down to his height. The two front and rear windows lowered and if Lazar had taken the trouble to turn his head in their direction he would have seen two pairs of asses face him. Afterward, the car turned around and the driver visibly not far from thirty and looking particularly stupid insulted Lazar while laughing.

"Suck my dick, Walker! See you next week!"

Visibly satisfied with his action, he accelerated and moved away in the opposite direction of Lazar's destination. If this guy had been more observant, he would have noticed that Lazar wasn't paying attention to them having put earphones since he had noticed their approach.

His instructor would yell at him if he saw Lazar listening to such loud music, metal moreover. But if the goal was to protect his hearing he would say that listening to this guy is more likely to make him deaf.

'The elite of the American army... It's distressing to know that they have passed the final test too. A pity that it's mainly based on physical criteria otherwise these primates with an IQ not exceeding a figure would have failed. But it's not my problem, I wouldn't have the misfortune of being in the same unit as them in the future.'

Arrived at the stop, he quickly noticed the bus that was going to take him to Boston recognizing the name of the company taking care of his trip. The driver was on a cigarette break leaning against the bus door and the travelers were waiting outside.

Lazar looked at his watch.

'1:14 pm, I'm 6 minutes early. The trip is indeed rather long, it's more than 30 hours to Boston but Lana didn't have to take such an expensive company. I have the impression that she has restarted throwing her money out the window since my departure...'

Lana Walker, the person with the most place in Lazar's life. 8 years ago, for some reason, this young 28-year-old FBI agent decided to adopt Lazar. She tended to be overprotective with him while most of the time it was he who took care of her.

2 minutes before the indicated departure time, the driver called all the passengers to have their tickets checked and for them to store their luggage.

Lazar was putting away his bag while a girl was going to hit him 'without doing it on purpose'. His senses being extremely sharp, how could he not have noticed that she was pouncing on him.

'I have rarely seen worse maneuvers of seduction, Lana is a level above but still, that's pathetic...'

He then moved in a way she couldn't foresee and let her wallow in the dust while taking care to pretend not to have seen her. He preferred to leave it to the others to take care of raising her while he was boarding.

As he climbed the stairs of the bus…


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