Alive n Zombie
1 They Arrive
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Alive n Zombie
Author :EiKing
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1 They Arrive

As I look back the weeks, no months leading up to when they arrived, wasn't much to remember, I was just a normal young adult, I woke up, went to work, went home and played games. There weren't really much else to do except for playing games with my friends, I didn't really enjoy drinking as most my age did, so I spent most of my time playing games, working out in the gym and going to my scheduled work hours.

I woke up late as I noticed I had forgotten to put my alarm clock on charge as I leaped out of my bed making my way to work in a haste. That day will always be with me, the day everything changed for me. Sixth may, I sat stuck in traffic on my way to work on the phone with my boss. "Sorry miss, I screwed up with my phone, I am on my….." Suddenly I had lost contact with my boss and for every time I tried calling her back I got no signal until. The phone rang and I quickly answered. "This is Mayor Austin, Sargent Cole, you are needed at the outpost, Come here A.S.A.P I will form you in as you arrive." He hung up even before I managed to ask what was going on.

I did a u-turn as I drove back to the city going to where my base was located right outside of it. On my way, I saw people jumping on each other as it seemed they tried to each other. I thought to myself, no can't be those are just a fiction made for horror stories or movies or games. But they were eating each other and they somewhat looked pretty pale. For now, I just focused on making my way to the base.

I made it to the base and when I arrived at its gate I noticed there was only one other guy already there. "Oh! Sarge Shawn!" It was Mayor Finn Austin, the same Mayor that called me earlier, We were buddies when we were sent out. "Mayor Finn, Long time no see," I said with a grin that met back with his wide grin, he was happy to see me it seemed. "So where is everyone else?" I asked as I looked around. "There is only you and me for now." Just as He said it I heard another familiar voice. "Well if it isn't Mayor Finn and Sarge Shawn." That was Corporal Luke Owens. "Luke, nice seeing you, It's been a while," I said facing him, He was a bit of a hassle, a guy that felt like he could do anything you threw at him and could overcome any obstacle.

We spent some time catching up with each other as no one else arrived, as we talked we all talked about when we saw them, The not so much fiction anymore Zombies. "Fuck! Where is everyone else, I called in everyone stationed at this base." Said Finn in an annoyed voice as he seemed a bit pissed off. "Maybe, they go them before they could make it here." Said Luke, Just as Finn was going to talk we all felt it, the earth was shaking, then we could hear their groans and moans as they were closing in. "Oh fuck, GET INSIDE THE BASE!" I yelled out as the three of us stormed to the front door. The front main door was a massive metal door that was made to keep anyone from coming in. We all rushed over to the massive metal door, Mayor Finn went through his wallet got out his keycard. He pressed the keycard against the reader in distress as the massive metal door unlocked. "GET INSIDE!" I yelled out as he saw them finally coming around the corner, there were too many to count as they rushed to us, they ran over each other, some getting killed by the stampede to get to us. We close the door off just as we got ourselves inside the base and then there were two seconds of silence. I could hear all of our heartbeats pounding as we waited for the big crash. Then it hit, the sound of numerous zombies smashing themselves against the thick massive metal door over and over. Luckily the metal door didn't move at all, for now, we were both safe and trapped in.

We sat down for around five minutes to catch our breath and calm down but the time we spent relaxing felt like hours, I just wanted to get away from these things that slammed and scratched against the metal door. Finn stood up as he looked at us. "Right now, that beautiful massive fucking door is keeping us safe from those fucking monsters." He said with a small pause as he looked deeper into the base we just entered. "Right now we need to go in there, gather our gear, weapons and then we will make a run for it, If I am right behind the base there will be an HMMWV, High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, with a mounted 50. Cal turret on the top, That will be our way to get through the horde outside." Finn said as it gave us at least a possible way out from this mess. "Wait, why our gear, why don't we just go get some MREs and get to the Humvee," asked Luke. "Well with our uniform on people will know we are the good guys and most likely come out of hiding, if anyone is alive out there that is," I said as Luke got it right away and Finn just nodded to me in approval. So that is what we did, we went into the base, we packed three bags with MRES and equipped our gear and grabbed our weapons with another three bags of ammunition.

We stood at the back door, as we slowly opened it up. "Alright Luke, lookout check if anyone is around the back," Finn commanded as Luke raised his eyebrows. "Come again, you want me to put my head out of the door to see if there are any flesh-eating zombies ready to bite down on my head?" He said looking at Finn with a clear sign that he did not want to do that at all. I just sighed, "Calm down you two, I will check." I said as I moved over to look out from the crack of the door as we opened it slightly. "Thanks, Sarge," Luke whispered out in relief. I just smirked as I then pushed the door open and went outside. Nothing was around the back. I sighed out in relief as I looked back with a smile on my face. "It's safe, let's move out," I said as I then looked for the Humvee, and right away it stood out, the big monster that would keep us safe from those fucking zombies was right there looking pristine and still had the turret mounted on top of it. Finn came out with a huge box of 50 Cal, "Alright, I will prep the turret and get us ready to go, Luke, you drive." Luke grinned as he walked out with four bags. "Oh, that will be my pleasure Mayor." He said almost running up to the Humvee with the bags. I opened the doors to the Humvee so Finn could get right to the tower and get it ready fire and we could get in the bags right away. We got the bags in the Humvee and got ourselves ready. Luke then flipped the ignition key and floor the pedal. We drove right through the fence gate. "That was surprisingly easy to get through." Luke said as he did not expect the Gate to break open like that." We drove out to the front where the horde had already started moving around to the back. And then we heard it from inside the Humvee, the glorious sound of the turret firing off as zombies were blasted to bits. Luke drove right through the middle of the zombies as Finn made sure to shoot up anything that was standing in the way. As fast as we started driving through them we were out, and we drove away from the Zombies as they tried to follow us sprinting after us. Finn stopped using the turret as he yelled out. "Keep driving I am throwing out Mines." The zombies didn't try to dodge them as the blast quickly got rid of their numbers as the zombies slowed down. We made it out, we were in the clear and the mission to find some survivors begun now.


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