A long way down
5 The Big Plan
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A long way down
Author :BigHTRecords
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5 The Big Plan


So after that awkward confrontation from holly, she calms down (she has a serious temper). They all go to the second living room which had a PlayStation 4 and an xbox one s. Anything you really wanted to do honestly. It was amazing that Chloe could afford all this on a doctors wage, she's low-key a drug dealer for sure. Turnell had her suspicions but didn't really care as long as she wasn't getting herself into trouble. Holly was a social worker but also sold drugs on the side of this, she has been caught numerous times but her lawyer always managed to wiggle her out of charges. How do you ask? Because he was one of the best in the world, and obviously Turnell and Chloe bailed her out many times. Turnell's and Chloe's medical professions protected her word as well as on top of this.

Holly smirks rather slyly.

Holly: I have a plan

Turnell: What?

Holly: Lets buy a massive cruiser and have a cracking party on it.

Turnell spits out her cold starbucks latte.

Chloe: I was thinking bigger if I'm honest. What about a huge private park but obviously we will set it up so that it's warm and shit.

Turnell: Are you serious? Fuck sake I'm broke! I don't get paid and I want this to be decent.

Holly: I've got the party favors obviously

Turnell: Looks like I'll be working, so I can't go.

Chloe: Hahhahaah you're joking if you think for a second you're not coming.

Holly: I'm hiring you, Big HT the rapper obviously.

Chloe and Holly start absolutely pissing themselves, obviously, Turnell looks slightly embarrassed

Turnell: Oi fuck off, you funny cunt! @@


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