A New High School DxD
4 When I Got Reincarnated
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A New High School DxD
Author :Super_EJ
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4 When I Got Reincarnated

Leorion begins to wake to wake up as if he had had a long nap.

Leorion(inner thoughts): Huh? Where am i ? Why do i feel so small? And why is it so bright?

Little did Leorion know was that when God said reincarnated he meant all the way back to when Issei was born.

Leorion(inner thoughts): That old man when he said reincarnated he meant all the way back to the beginning. So i must be i infant right now, and i think i am also in a nursery. hmm... what can i do?Oh i know Let me try to open my UI.

When i open it i get a notification

Notification:This is your first time accessing this interface would you like a tutorial on how to use it? *said in a female robotic tone*.

Leorion(inner thoughts): Yes

System: Welcome user I am Paulina your personal AI that will assist you.Let's start!

Paulina: To open up your your skill list please say skill list.

Leorion(inner thoughts): Ok skill list!


Lv: 1

Skill: Red Dragon emperor (sealed)

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 15

Agility: 1

Stamina: 1

Wisdom: 5

Mana: 50/50

KI: 50/50


Leorion(inner thoughts): Hmm interesting?. I seem to have retained my intelligence and wisdom probably because I still have my memories from my past life.

Paulina: Next close your skill list by saying Close!.

Leorion(inner thoughts): Ok Close!.

Paulina: now let's open your skill store!.You can open your skill store by saying "skill store".

Leorion(inner thoughts): Skill store


your money: 1000


Fighting Skills:

Karate: 50

Judo: 50

Jujitsu: 50


One For All: 2500


Mana Manipulation: 150

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic: 2000

Mana Charge: 75


Ki charge:50

Ki manipulation:100

Ki Energy Blasts: 500


Leorion: Wow there is a bunch of different stuff in here even from anime I have watch!.

Paulina: Yes when I was created I had to delve into your mind to get ideas for magic that you can purchase.

Leorion: Ok cool. Now I wonder what is in store for me as I grow up so for now I am going to sleep.

Paulina: Good night Master

Leorion: Good night Paulina

Leorion then goes to sleep, and when we see him next he will be six years old.


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